ICHANGE promotes healing by breaking through the stigma of mental health...

ICHANGE inspire's growth by helping you ignite what you already have inside by meeting you where your at...


We promote healing,

inspire growth

and encourage renewal...

     ICHANGE warmly welcomes you to the expertise available by our therapists.

We specialize in providing our services from a grassroots trauma informed framework. As such we consider it a privilege and a pleasure in servicing our community members.

You will find a group of professionals who share a common passion and commitment in guiding our community members through their challenges and helping them find the healing growth and  renewal they are seeking.

We invite you to explore the expanding resources this website has to offer. We hope the resources we are dedicated to providing will be a great benefit to you!

             Denise Brown-Chillers, LMSW, CCTP       








To our Community,


 Here at ICHANGE, we are working hard every day to care for our community members. During these uncertain times, our role is especially important. But we can’t do it without your help. That’s why we want to thank you. We want to say thank you for taking care of yourself and your families, working to flatten the curve of COVID-19. 

 We have been closely following safety guidelines from medical professionals. We’ve put certain policies in place with the goal of maintaining a safe environment for you and our staff.

Guidelines, in our office, are being put in place to decrease the possibility of COVID exposure.


 We quickly introduced Telehealth services to our clients, allowing you to speak with your provider electronically from the comfort of your own home. Clients can address their health concerns with a smartphone, tablet or computer, giving them the ability to stay connected, even in isolation.


 We also would like to thank our providers for sticking with us during these trying times. Your work isn’t going unnoticed and we are forever grateful for your dedication to our clients. Your commitment to providing care for our community is critical to getting through this pandemic. 


 To our community who has been taking care of themselves and their family members, we look forward to seeing you, when appropriate, back in our office. As we slowly resume normal operations, we continue to monitor the health of our clients and staff and have established a number of extra safety measures.


 But the fight isn’t over and there’s still more work to be done. Although the future is uncertain, we want you to know we are doing everything we can to help get life back to normal. With everything that we’ve done, I know that together we can get through anything.