We promote healing, inspire growth and encourage renewal...

     ICHANGE warmly invites you to the expertise of our therapists.

We specialize in providing client-centered grassroots evidence-based behavioral health and substance abuse programs and services. As such we consider it a privilege and a pleasure in servicing our community members. ICHANGE is guided by trauma-informed principals with the highest ethical esteem for the population we serve.

You will find a group of professionals who share a common passion and commitment in guiding our community members through life's challenges. Helping our participants find healing, growth, and renewal they are seeking is the reward we strive to attain.

We invite you to explore the expanding resources this website has to offer. We hope the resources we are dedicated to provide will be a great benefit to you!

             Denise Brown-Chillers, LMSW, CCTP, CAADC, EMDR Certified