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Counseling, or therapy, is a regular time people designate to explore their thoughts and emotions with the guidance of a skilled professional. A counseling relationship may begin with clarifying a client’s goal for the time and informing the counselor about any problems the client faces. Therapists may examine a client’s career, family, relationships, physical health, spirituality, or mental health.


So what’s different about us?

We take a holistic approach. This means we see you as a whole person, not a diagnosis. Many people want to feel better without taking medication. The wonderful news is that it can be possible! Depression and anxiety disorders are common mental disorders that have an impact on our ability to work. Would you believe more than 300 million people suffer from some type of behavioral health issue!

Your therapist then forms an individualized treatment plan for each client:


  • Some clients have experienced a life trauma or a challenging mental health diagnosis. Their counseling sessions focus upon healing. With professionalism and compassion, our therapists may address the root causes of the problem and build their clients’ coping skills.

  • Some clients want to work toward a personal or a professional goal. Their sessions may center on self-discovery—identifying strengths, weakness, and dreams. A therapist may also help these clients build interpersonal skills or overcome bad habits that have held them back.

  • Some clients may have allowed a secret addiction to grow, and they are ready to take back control. Therapy may involve identifying the harm caused by the addiction, building accountability, and learning healthy connection. 


Ask yourself…

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety in some form, but in your world, you may be starting to feel overwhelmed by it. You wish you could just calm down, let things go and feel “normal” again, but it’s not working. You’ve lost your sense of balance and you want it back.

If you are like many people in Lansing, you are intelligent, kind, and successful. You are working hard to create the life you want, and much of it is going well. But lately, you’ve noticed that you just don’t feel like yourself anymore. You are running on fumes. You have tried reading self-help books, Google, YouTube and managing it yourself, but it just keeps coming back. You may be wondering, “Will it ever get better?” or even, “Am I crazy? Is it somehow my fault?”

It’s not your fault!

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we want you to know that there is hope, and working with our clinicians can help!

If a mental health challenge is making daily life harder… If a life transition is causing relational tension, ICHANGE is ready to help. Click here to find a therapist.  We offer evening and weekend appointments, and our new clients often see their counselor within 24 hours.  Are you ready to see what you can achieve through mental health counseling, therapy, or coaching? Contact us today to get started in in-person or online counseling.

Individual Counseling

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