Meet Our Therapist-Our multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals are here to provide you with exceptional support on your road to total wellness. They are committed to assisting you in achieving the "whole" life you desire. By providing an enriching, therapeutic environment they will assist you in gaining the skills to help move you forward in your own personal growth.

Denise Brown-Chillers, LMSW, CCTP | Certified EMDR Therapist

 I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LCMSW) with a clinical focus, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) offering therapy and therapy related services to individuals and families in the Lansing area. I am the founder and executive director of ICHANGE a non-profit public charity that services Lansing's residents. My strength lies in helping you face your fears while helping you move past current obstacles. Throughout my career, I've specialized in solution-focused work, anxiety, trauma therapies, personality disorders, addiction and codependency recovery, mindfulness-based interventions. 

Sylvia Brown Jones, LMSW | Certified EMDR Therapist

​ I am a License Master's of Social Work in both clinical and macro practice. I have worked with parents and youth since 2005. I provide services through a strength-based trauma-informed lens and perspective.  I provide services through a strength-based trauma-informed lens and perspective. My philosophy is to assist my client in the discovery and mastery of their all-powerful self.My goal is to provide a broad range of quality therapeutic services to my clients. These services include but not limited to: childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, adjustment, anger management, and family services. I have experience with the military families and culture. 


Riley Caudill Cornelison, LLMSW | Clinical Social Worker/Therapist


I am a LLMSW in the state of Michigan. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, teens, young adults, and adults in a variety of settings. I provide individual, couples and family counseling in order to help you explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a warm, safe, supportive environment. I specialized in Trauma Informed counseling. If you're like me, the step of reaching out to someone when you're struggling is the hardest part. If you feel like you are in the midst of trying to better yourself and need guidance through this process, feel free to reach out to me.

Charles Brad Rose, LPC | Counselor, CRC​


I am a licensed Professional Counselor with more than ten years of experience in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, emotional and mental impairments. My experience in integrating and guiding individuals and families to happier, healthier lifestyles using various evidence-based practices. My hope is that you find exactly what you are looking for while you are here.

Amanda Rice, LLPC|  Counselor, CFTP-CCTP​


I am a licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical/Family Professional. I assist individuals, couples, and families in finding or regaining the tools necessary to function independently. I believe that our behavior, emotions, and thoughts are all intertwined, but that we are largely guided by our perceptions of ourselves, others, and our world. Since individuals and their perceptions are unique and diverse, the interventions and approaches designed to assist them should be equally so, based on their individual strengths.

Kelly Fisher-Satterfield, LLMSWClinical Social Worker/Therapist


My professional experience includes therapy with individuals and families, primarily at risk youth and adolescents. I specialize in anxiety, depression, victims of trauma, parent-child conflicts, sexual abuse and individuals struggling to adjust to life changes.

Derrick Hartwell, LLMSW, CADC, MCAP| Clinical Social worker, Therapist

No one person is out to manipulate another; they are only trying to get their needs met. If this applies to you, come see us at ICHANGE. As a team, we approach each individual with respect, dignity, and compassion. We offer substance abuse assessment, treatment and evaluation, as well as mental health services. Believing in yourself is the first step for change, change is inevitable. Be the change you want to see.

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