We are like minded professionals who take a holistic approach to your concerns.

This means, we see you as a whole person and not a diagnosis.

Many people want to feel better without taking medication. The wonderful news is that it can be possible!     

Our Mission

Initiating Communities Helping Area Neighborhoods Gain Empowerment (ICHANGE) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity committed in assisting individuals to manage life challenges through coordinated, trauma informed behavioral health modalities and evidenced based trauma focused interventions towards assisting individuals in becoming a socially, morally, emotionally, and cognitively productive community members. 

Our Vision


ICHANGE aims to optimize the behavioral health and well-being outcomes for Michigan’s residents. Our services aim to influence their attitudes, values and beliefs towards understanding their challenge does not have to determine their future. Our goal is to bring to awareness the values and strengths we innately possess, and bring structure out of chaos. ICHANGE is the wheels (resources) of motivation in moving individuals toward concrete supports in times of need.

Our Community Contributions


ICHANGE acknowledges that “it takes a village,” and the collective expertise therein, for a shared leadership approach for developing, and pooling resourceful strategies for the unmet needs of both the community and organizations. This approach connects the real world needs of families and communities that are interconnected for the mutual goals of both, which is strengthening the well-being outcomes of both. The strength-based philosophy approach with the Strengthening Families Protective Factors model had delivered tremendous success in recent years with Michigan’s families.


Over the years, since 2011, ICHANGE have engaged with many community collaborative partnerships, providing:


  • Supportive Field Placement Supervision for Social Work Intern Students for: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Wayne State University, and Michigan State University to provide trauma-informed MSW student intern field placements. Including grant-funded program support for social work student interns.

  • Community program support with numerous community agencies for participation in key decision-making policies and program implementation supporting and strengthening family well-being outcomes.

  • Community program funding support for various community annual fundraising initiatives.

  • Community conferences and workshop support regarding trauma-informed mental health skill building expertise.

Through ICHANGE’s shared passion and commitment to the broader principles and competencies of social work ethics and values, we commit towards supporting the missions and goals of our collaborative partner’s organizations. To this end, ICHANGE will seek out opportunities to engage providers, families, community partners, and stakeholders in a collaborative effort to form and strengthen partnerships.