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Behavioral Health Administrative Assistant

JOB TITLE: Contractor 1099 STATUS: Four (4) Full Time (Min 32 hrs.)


Are you looking to join a well-established, growing non-profit practice? Do you want to feel appreciated, to work in a well-organized office, to be in charge of your schedule, and caseload? Come join Initiating Communities Helping Area Neighborhoods Gain Empowerment (ICHANGE). We are a grass-roots organization for the past 11 years who is invested in strengthening our community. This is an opportunity to work as a change agent with a group of multi-disciplinary skilled professionals, providing services to a broad spectrum of clients. This position must be filled by an individual ready to apply advocacy with social mindfulness for a minimum of one year. You have the option to work from home providing telehealth, in the office or both. ICHANGE will assist with becoming credentialed. Must have training and experience providing client centered evidenced based interventions. Experience with children/play therapy is a plus. Must carry own liability insurance. Need to be self-motivated, responsible, independent, ethical, and have good communication skills.

Must submit a cover letter and resume to receive an application of consideration.




1. Actively participate and comply with coordination of care policy and mandates.

2. Develop and implement treatment plans compliant to the Mental Health Code, clinical experience and knowledge.

3. Submit related paperwork in a timely fashion according to policy.

4. Maintain all professional licensure(s) required and provide prompt cooperation with credentialing for billing purposes.

5. HIPPA, and the Data Privacy Act competent.


1. Master’s degree in Social Work or Psychology or LLMSW. Independent licensure as a LMFT, LICSW or LPCC.

2. Prefer candidate with experience in providing therapy services to a full range of individuals

    addressing a wide variety of problems and disorders, in a multicultural setting.

3. Must be free from alcohol and chemical dependency and must maintain this freedom for the full

    duration of your contractual agreement. If formerly chemically dependent, must have two years of freedom from alcohol and drug dependency          preceding employment with the agency.

4. Must be able to work as a team member and cooperatively with County, community, and Tribal programs.

5. Must have reliable means of transportation and a valid driver’s license. If you use your own vehicle for your work-related transportation, must            have current vehicle insurance.

6. Must possess clinical competencies, ethical and good organizational skills.

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