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Family Counseling

Find Help for Your Family Today!

Nothing is more frightening than having a family member who is in crisis. You’re wise to seek counseling for them. Depression and anxiety can initially look like typical life problems but lead to more extreme issues within your household, school and even work. 

Treating the source of these problems requires real expertise from a licensed therapist. Our team of clinicians regularly see family members, including children and teens. As we dive into the cause of these common behavior problems, we often find serious family problems. It’s not uncommon to bring the whole family for counseling to get outside expertise and guidance to find more long-lasting solutions for everyone involved.

ICHANGE have a wide variety of training, certifications, and experience–allowing us to find the right therapist to treat any family situations.


We Treat:


Each family we take on as a client is ultimately responsible for taking charge of their mental health treatment. However, our team of therapy professionals offer evidence-based solutions that work.

Don’t put off counseling for a member of your household in crisis. There are solutions to mental health problems for people of all ages. Don’t become overwhelmed with shame or embarrassment about a person you love who’s in trouble.


It’s Not as Hard as You Think It Will Be. Some of these treatment options, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  are relatively easy to implement and will help you or your family manage through this somewhat difficult barrier. You’ll find the confidence to tackle painful problems that would generally be easy to ignore or procrastinate dealing with.

Although it’s often unhelpful to put labels on problems, having a diagnosis from a certified therapist can provide tools when identifying the right tools that work for your family needs. 

If it seems like your child isn’t mature enough to receive counseling for behavior problems, think again. There are well studied age-appropriate treatment options of children of all ages. We also offer education for struggling parents, who’ve tried lots of different parenting techniques, and it seems like nothing is solving a severe behavior problem. A child with ADHD, for example, may need very specialized assistance that they’re not getting at school or home. Allowing the problem to linger will allow it to worsen.

If you need help ICHANGE is  here, please call our office today.

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